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Welcome to the Brony Fair homepage!

Sadly, this years Brony Fair is over...

But, we're already in full swing of the next phase of planning for the next Brony Fair! So while we clear up the un-fun paperwork and get distracted by what fun things we can offer you next time, why don't you have a look at some of our pictures from the past? Maybe you can spot yourself in one, or are you a first-timer, looking for the right pool to dip your feet into?
In any case, we'll be there to welcome you to the next Brony Fair, so keep those ears perked and stay on for the ride!

Your Brony Fair Team

Our crowdfunding campaign has ended!

And it was really successful! Thanks to your support we collected 7.107€ during our crowdfunding campaign at Startnext to fund Brony Fair and make it happen in the end! Thank you many, many times everypony who supported us via Startnext! You can get your chosen goodies at Brony Fair 2016 or get it mailed in – if you chose this option in Startnext. Anyway we’re now working hard at your Thank-You-Goodies and we can’t wait to see your faces when you finally hold’em in your hands!

Hi guys

Like last year, we have to tell you, that our ticket sales are quite dull. We are heading towards our break-even point and we have to make sure, that Brony Fair 2016 will happen.

We are sure, that Brony Fair deserves its place in the brony event calendar and you proved us right at Brony Fair 2015. Naturally we want to stick to our concept to bring you an active and challenging convention strongly based on our beloved TV show. Like everyone, [… read more]

The Brony Fair is a convention in Germany with aspects of a convention, but also with a strong focus on the games of our beloved series.

It is going to place from April 2-3, 2016 in Berlin.

Again, we'd like to make your weekend in Equestria special. For this, the tv show offers a lot of possibilities. With new games and events we are going to celebrate our favorite tv show and the Brony fandom.
What can you expect?
More decoration, a games room, new and interesting panels and workshops, which will offer you a lot of fun. And of course, we will expand our offer of games within the Iron Pony Competition, that you already know from last year.
Next to our schedule for the convention days with panels, workshops and games, on Saturday evening you can look forward to our Brony Disco and Cocktail-Lounge events.

The venue is located at:
Fontane Haus
Wilhelmsruher Damm 142c
13435 Berlin